Digital Detox – my experience

Now I know it’s completely ironic that someone who is so connected – me – is talking about a digital detox.

As a matter of fact, I have tried detoxing in the past from phones, as well as social media generally and I can honestly say that it definitely benefitted me. I’ve never felt so calm and in control of my life; and for someone so OCD as me, I need to be in complete control of anything in order for me not to go completely insane.

Then again, not knowing what’s happening on Instagram, especially as a teenager, means I’m most likely the one to get FOMI of all ages or categories of people. Unfortunately, that was just a bridge I had to cross when I decided to take a break from social media. After crossing that bridge and overcoming that fear / anxiety, I felt so much more in the moment than I ever had, and it’s the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever felt.

I’ve read countless articles about digital detoxing, but I’ve never come across an article written by a teenager, someone between the ages of 13-20, who has done the same detox and documented it. I feel it’s one thing to be an adult and not use your phone, in my opinion, it’s much easier. Teenagers of our generation have grown up with social media, a new perspective of society – a digital society.

It’s so incredibly sad to see people addicted to Wifi, addicted to sharing every single drink they consume, every person they see. Why not actually see the person?

As a little story time: the other week, I was in the Pizza Hut in our Limassol Marina. It was a really nice day, a lot of people were out, having lunch, as was I with my mum and my sister. We got a table and sat down to order our food, when I noticed two young ladies, who were probably around 25-30 years old sitting at a table, opposite each other. Never have I ever seen anything as sad as what I’m about to describe. One lady took out a selfie stick and started pouting, obviously taking photos by herself while the second lady did the same thing, only sitting opposite her. This continued for about 20 minutes before their dates obviously arrived. Two young men sat next to each lady, making a total of 4 people sat at one table.

The first lady started FACETIMING a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON, not including any of the other 3 people in the conversation. The young men talked amongst themselves while the second lady took out her selfie stick again. All in all, the only conversation I witnessed was between the two young men, whilst the two completely self-absorbed women were completely disconnected from their meeting with their friends.

I think the reason this story stuck with me is because it really opened my eyes about how terrible our generation really is.

I’ve never seen such a self absorbed generation in the history of mankind.

So when people ask me why I decided to temporarily disable my Instagram account for a while, the answer is very simple – I want to connect with people who are present. The only reason I think our phones should be used is to communicate with people who cannot be physically present.

I’ve stopped taking my phone to school with me, while I thought that would be a real challenge. To my surprise, it was a lot easier than I thought; in fact, I didn’t even notice I didn’t have it until someone mentioned they sent me a message on Instagram – but then again, they sent me the message, knowing they would physically see me that same day.

Since I’ve stopped relying on my phone for things I can replace it with, I’ve noticed my concentration spike up, my ability to communicate has improved, my memory and grades have improved. Of course, without a doubt, our generation of people need mobile phones, seeing as our world has adapted to not being able to live without them.

However, if I was to recommend anything to improve yourself, a self care tip if you like – deactivate your social media for at least a few weeks and watch your perspective of life shift. It’s actually expressly interesting how having to know what other people are doing can reflect on what we are doing. By watching other people’s days go by, we’re actually wasting ours.

Time is valuable – be present while you can.


I guess the first thing any blog should consist of is an introduction or at least a rough idea on what exactly my intentions are, why you should be here in the first place, and what is going to happen in the future. But let me start by introducing myself:

My name is Sofi, and I’m an aspiring everything, as i like to call it. I aspire to do absolutely everything, I’m searching for my path in life and trying out different things, testing the waters. I’m a future law student, and an aspiring writer: writing and music are two of the things i’m most passionate about, apart from discussing controversial topics and getting my opinion heard. I’m a 16 year old girl, living on a small, sunny island, with nothing to do. I’m a realist, but try to be as optimistic as possible, i look at situations from an unusual point of view, I actually like to view most things in the 3rd person – it’s something I’ve learnt is more effective in being happy and making the right choices, but more about that later.

Most importantly, I created this blog for my opinion to be heard. I’m the kind of person who may have experienced and gone through A LOT at such a young age, and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of that. More importantly, I’ve learned from those experiences and have searched around the World Wide Web for various explanations for simple things – miracles, the power of your thoughts, and how every little thing builds personality. I feel the best thing i can do with my journey is to document it, and I’ve been trying to do so in various different ways, before i decided it might be time for me to start a blog, and document every little step of the way.

Why should you be here, then? I feel what i have to say is not nearly as simple as an opinion or thought. What i document on my blog is always personalized, yes, but I feel every blog post has a lesson i have learnt along the way, but more so from a different perspective, something that opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and viewing life. However, I’m not saying my blog post entail any genius ideas that every single person must listen to and follow, that’s exactly my point – you’re allowed to disagree, and in fact, i encourage you to.

Debating topics that are unknown to people is probably my favorite thing to do, I could go on for hours about different perspectives and different stories, and that is exactly what i want my blog to be about. Apart from the usual life story and documentary about my day to day life, I want my blog to have a PURPOSE.

The purpose of this blog is what drives me to continue posting every single day.